About Us

ProWay Property Management, LLC is a full service property management company located in Livonia, Michigan. Our focus is on the management of single family residential properties in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. ProWay Property Management offers the highest quality customer service and satisfaction with the goal of providing the best service for our clients.

ProWay Property Management, LLC has been conducting business for over 10 years and is a licensed Michigan Real Estate Broker specializing in the rental market.

From the storage of data and information, to the knowledge of understanding how to handle all possible situations associated with managing properties, we present a stress-free approach to property owners. Our well rounded staff of professionals ensure that managing rental homes is as worry-free as possible. Our maintenance team ensures that tenants are kept happy, and homes are structurally sound.

ProWay Property Management Team

Why Choose Us

  • Leadership – Our expert staff will answer any question immediately and will guide you to maximize your properties income potential. Our philosophy is to manage every property as if we own it, which helps us build and maximize many relationships.
  • Organization – Our company is comprised of a well-rounded team of industry professionals in the real estate and property management sector.
    • Full Service Accounting
    • Full Service Leasing
    • Full Service Renovation
    • Full Service Collections
    • Full Service Inspections
    • Full Service Administrative Support
  • Ethics – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a philosophy that our team has adhered to for years, and is the cornerstone of our business strategy.
  • Transparency – We believe in complete transparency and a straight forward approach to all situations that occur in the course of real estate investing. We use a logical approach with the best interest of all parties in mind, and have found much success with this strategy.
  • Professionalism – We have a team of professionals to handle each area of the process, from tenant placement to home renovation.

Our diversified team of industry experts knows exactly what it takes to manage your investment home to maximize its performance. We strive for you to have the transparency you deserve to pave the road toward successful real estate investing. Our main goal is to make the process as seamless as possible and to be leaders in the Metro Detroit property management industry.

We Have History In this Market!

Our expertise stems from a organic approach to growth. We began as propertyDetroit Property Management managers exclusive to properties owned by our subsidiary/affiliate company, and through experience have grown to become one of the most trusted and diverse property management companies in Southeast Michigan. High quality service, proven results and satisfied owners/tenants are the key to our success. Learning through experience maximized our potential to provide unmatched services.

We have learned that handling minor and major issues throughout the entire process is a key factor in the length of stay and the performance of a tenant. It is inevitable that at some point in time a tenant’s lease will expire. At ProWay Property Management, we keep a close line of communication with tenants regarding this cycle, and always prepare for new tenants to move in ASAP, or will make accommodations for tenants who wish to renew their lease. This approach leaves a minimal amount of time for a rental home to be non-performing. In addition to move-out plans, we also factor in security deposits and review each home meticulously before move-out to ensure that any potential damage will be repaired and funded by the security deposit.

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