Owner Resources

Owner Log-In

ProWay Property Management uses a powerful property management software that allows owners to log in and see the status of your homes in real time. Some of the functions are:

  • Owner Statements – see the income and expenses for each home you place under management with ProWay Property Management
  • Documents – All documents pertaining to your home will be uploaded for you to view at all times
  • Work Orders – Work orders for your home are uploaded so you can see the detail of work performed at your home

Click here to log in and view your properties.

Landlord Responsibilities

  • Pay property taxes, mortgage payment, property insurance
  • Comply with the city code by obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy as well as the Rental License
  • Keep the home safe by making all necessary repairs

Return of Security Deposit

A landlord has 30 days from the day the tenant moves out to return the tenant’s security deposit. There are several determining factors in returning a tenant’s security deposit:

  • The management company will do a move out walkthrough once the tenant moves out of the home. Any damages that are not wear and tear will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • An itemized list must be provided to the tenant detailing the damages and costs
  • A check must be sent to the tenant at the forwarding address provided upon move out
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