Tenant Resources

How to Apply?

We are here to make finding your home easy. Follow the steps below to find your new home:

  • The first step to finding your new home is filling out the application. Please click the link below and fill out as accurately as possible.
  • Pay your application fee. It is very important that the application fee is paid, otherwise the application will not be processed. This will take 24-48 hours to process.
  • We will need a copy of your driver’s license, social security card and last 3 paystubs prior to move-in.
  • View our list of deals on our site or call our leasing department to set up a time to view a home of your choosing.
  • Once you find a home that you love, a $200.00 non-refundable deposit must be placed on the home to take it off the market. This deposit will be applied toward your move-in costs on the day you sign your lease.
  • Setup a move-in date with our leasing department and refer to our move-in checklist.

Move In Checklist

In order to make the lease signing stress-free, please bring the following items on the day of your lease signing:

    • Utility Confirmation Numbers
    • Money Order or Cashier’s Check for full move-in costs (contact the leasing manager for this amount)

Driver’s License and Social Security Number

All lease signers must be present at time of lease signing

Helpful Hints to Maintain Your Rental Home

  • Change your furnace filter once a month
  • Maintain your lawn by keeping your grass cut, picking up your leaves, shoveling snow, trimming bushes
  • Clean out your gutters once a year
  • Don’t throw anything out of the ordinary in the toilet (tampons, tissue, maxi-pads, any other objects)
  • Don’t put grease down the drain, keep an old coffee container to store your old grease

Move Out Policy

Once you submit your 30 day notice to vacate your home, please make sure you follow the guidelines listed below to receive your security deposit.

  • Unless special approval has been given, you must live out your entire lease and move out on the date specified.
  • Any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be deducted from your security deposit.
  • The home must be clean prior to moving out.
    • Clean all floors, walls, ceilings
    • Remove nails from walls, large holes will be charged against your security deposit
    • Bathroom – clean sink, tub, vanity & toilet
    • Kitchen – Clean cabinets, sink
    • Yard – Make sure the leaves are picked up, grass is cut, snow is shoveled
    • Garage – Sweep the floor
    • Gutters – Clean out the gutters

Normal Wear and Tear

Tenant is responsible for damages that are not considered normal wear and tear. Some waer and tear items are listed below:

  • Carpet – normal wear and tear of carpet
  • Small nail holes in the walls
  • Paint – normal fading of paint on the walls and ceiling
  • Dirt and Dust – Home should be cleaned upon move out
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